WalletBouncer Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet Monitoring Alerts App Service Launches

A startup company called WalletBouncer, which, as the name implies, is focused on cryptocurrency wallet security, has released a new service that its users will be able to use to monitor their Bitcoin wallets. The service will be free to download from the Apple App Store on iPhone and iPad but it will not be released for Android at the moment.

This new app monitors the Bitcoin network while looking for any activity aimed against public wallet addresses and sends messages to mobile devices in real time with reports.

The idea is that the app will monitor, scan and warn the users whenever they may be facing any type of risk. The software is available in over 200 countries and you will be able to receive text messages or emails if you want to, as the app allows for customization of the options.

WalletBouncer was designed by taking into account the member’s privacy. The wallet addresses are shielded from any kind of leaks and hacks by using a modern cryptographic standard and not even the company has access to the wallet of the users.

WalletBouncer’s CEO Believes That The Product Will Improve Security

The CEO of the company, Paul Fabozzi, stated that the WalletBouncer has the potential of being an excellent solution for those who wish to pay even more attention to their cold storage wallets and want to be notified whenever something happens.

By using the software, the CEO states, the clients of the company will not feel like constantly checking their Bitcoin balances anymore. The technology is only compatible with Bitcoin wallets at the moment and it includes the new Segregated Witness bech32 (bc1) formatted addresses.

The company has plans for Android and desktop versions of the app in the future.

WalletBouncer is an American company based in New York City.


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