VogoV ICO (OGO Coin): Interactive Hollywood Adult Studio Blockchain?

The global adult entertainment sector is a multibillion-dollar industry, and it is one of the places where innovation is continuously on the rise. VogoV is planning to bring the benefits of decentralization and other blockchain features to this industry sector. The company is already running a fully-functioning studio that produces high-quality videos in both 4K and VR. It means that VogoV has real experience within this niche and can effect massive change in how people consume adult content.

About VogoV

VogoV was founded by adult entertainment veterans, Ivan Kirillov and Markus Dupree, with the aim of decentralizing the process of making decisions in the creation of adult content. It will allow members to vote and have their say in all studio productions, ranging from choosing the scenarios to selecting the participating actresses and actors among other factors. Also, this adult entertainment platform will feature much cheaper and easier access to some of the most exclusive content.

How VogoV Interactive Hollywood Adult Studio Blockchain Works

The utility crypto that will be utilized on VogoV is called the OGO coin, and it is backed by a robust three-million-dollar liquidity pool that will guarantee its proliferation in business usage. This OGO coin will act as the secure and anonymous way in which clients can pay for all adult entertainment products without the need for any intermediaries or third parties. Here are the three primary uses of the OGO token:

• Cost saving: OGO coin offers up to three times lower prices when accessing VogoV.com, TmewVRnet.com, TeenMegaWorld.net and various other partners that are going to be announced in future.

• Decision making: The OGO coin holders will dictate how the video production will be done, right from the script to the actors involved.

• Anonymous payments: Any pay-per-view or subscription payments will be handled through OGO coin and smart contracts to ensure both security and anonymity for clients.

VogoV OGO Coin

The company is also developing a robust crypto infrastructure know as OgoShift to make sure that there is a sustained uptake in the implementation and adoption of the VogoV OGO coin. The Ogoshift infrastructure is comprised of a secure wallet that is connected to a marketplace, merchant account and a crypto exchange. Through Ogoshift, merchants will be able to accept all payments on adult services and products delivered while relying on the stable Ethereum smart contracts.

VogoV OGO ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: OGO
  • Type: ERC 223 token
  • Total supply: 75 million OGO
  • Total token sale: 56.955 million OGO
  • Unsold tokens: Any unsold tokens will be burned
  • Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 500 OGO
  • Upper investment limit: 50,000 ETH
  • Lower investment limit: 5,000 ETH
  • Min accepted investment: 0.01 ETH
  • Maximum accepted investment: Unlimited

Token Sale Dates

  • Pre-sale
  • Dates: 21/8/2018 to 31/8/2018
  • Crowd sale: First round
  • Dates: 26/9/2018 to 14/11/2018
  • Crowd sale: Second round
  • Dates: 26/1/2019 to 14/3/2019

Token Allocation

  • Community campaigns: 0.7%
  • Team members: 3%
  • Founders: 3%
  • The company: 4%
  • Ecosystem development 13.3%
  • ICO token sale: 76%

VogoV Conclusion

The idea of an interactive, community-centered and decentralized adult film studio is brand new. VogoV allows community members to finally have a say in how they want their content to be created. Besides, members will also use the OGO coin to get quick access to high-quality content on partner sites like TeenMegaWorld and TmwVRnet among others.


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