Tron’s daily cumulative transaction rates catch up with Ethereum’s in record time

Tron and Ethereum have always been at war with each other in terms of updates and developments. Justin Sun, Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of the Tron Foundation has made it a point to ensure that Tron’s DApps and transaction rate dominance over its rivals will remain consistent and prolonged.

Recent analysis suggests that Tron’s adoption was so rapid that its daily cumulative transaction rates caught up with that of Ethereum in a matter of just eleven months. The analysis covered the time period when Ethereum transactions were on the rise from August 20115, a point when Tron did not even exist. The Vitalik Buterin-led Ethereum enjoyed its dominance over the course of a couple of years, with transaction rates reaching their all-time highs in between.

Tron’s transactions rates were calculated almost 3 years after Tron’s first, with July 2018 being the starting point for the Justin Sun-led cryptocurrency. Tronscan, a Tron data aggregator, has stated that TRX daily transactions are at 3.135 million, with a maximum transaction per second rate of 1.225 million.

Tron’s numbers have been on the rise recently, as shown by the number of Tron accounts spiking over the 3 million mark on June 13, 2019. To inform the Tron community about this milestone, Tronscan had tweeted,

“According to #TRONSCAN, TRON total accounts have reached 3,107,241
TRON ecosystem has developed rapidly and continues to make efforts to decentralize the web”

Ethereum’s developments have been thought of as being on the back-burner by a majority of the community. Samson Mow, a popular Bitcoin Core developer, had claimed that Ethereum 2.0 will be similar to a hard fork.

Mow said,

“You have to expect that everyone is going to give up their old Ethereum or you find a way to migrate it to the new chain. [..] you’re still expecting everyone’s going to migrate right if people don’t migrate then technically you would have the legacy chain alive “

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