TechKnit Jacket By Anifa (with GCOX) & Michael Owen (OWN Token) Launch “Michael Owen X Anifa”

Recently, Anifa inaugurated a Kickstarter promotion for their newly-released waterproof TechKnit jacket. Besides comfort, the new TechKnit jacket intends to be the market best regarding elasticity and stylishness.

Notably, the face of the TechKnit advertisement campaign will be England’s legendary striker, Michael Owen. Throughout his career, Michael earned multiple accolades and also participated in three World Cups as well as scoring forty goals for his country. On this TechKnit project, Michael teams up with Simon Kuong, the founder of the Anifa platform.

Regarding the development of the product, Michael Owen said that he and Simon had invested considerable amounts of time and resources to the creation of the activewear. Michael particularly lauded the features if the new jacket, mainly its ability to stretch and waterproof.

Moreover, the jacket has an aesthetic appeal, and the fabric is made of imported high-end fabric. The material is sourced from the Japan-based textile manufacturer, Toyobo. By leveraging its unique knit structure, the jacket can be stretchable and breathable while also retaining waterproof capability.

Versatility is perhaps the most significant advantage of this jacket. Due to its sturdiness, it can be worn in all weather conditions. On the other hand, its stylistic design makes its wearable to several types of occasions. The jacket draws its name from the combination of two terms, technology and knit.

Further, the name Anifa is sourced from Animal Farm, a famous novel by George Orwell. The primary objective of Anifa is to improve equity in the contemporary society using powerful technological tools, including blockchain technology.

Concerning blockchain technology, Anifa is among the sect few enterprises that are accredited to receive OWN token payments. The other notable business that accepts OWN is the Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX). Besides the Michael Owen token (OWN), the platforms mentioned above also allow payments made in Acclaimed tokens (ACM). During this year’s Berlin Fashion Week, the official inauguration of the Michael Owen and Anifa strategic partnership will occur under the stewardship of GCOX.

According to the founder of GCOX, Sir Jeffrey Lin, Anifa is not an archetypal fashion brand, mostly because of its implements innovative ideas as well as unique knitting designs. Jeffrey further lauded the integration of blockchain technology, saying that it would unlock several possibilities.

On his part, Simon Kuong was enthralled at the prospect of working with a prominent personality such as Michael Owen. Kuong added that Michael’s experience as a professional footballer was helpful in coming up with distinctive designs. He concluded by stating that Michael’s’ contribution to the project is immense, and it would substantially impact its growth.

The standout features of the TechKnit jacket include:

  • Waterproof outer layer, thanks to a unique lamination
  • Advanced wind-resistance of up to 0.33 CC level
  • Soft and elastic material that guarantees comfort
  • Premium fabric by Toyobo
  • Inconspicuous inner pockets
  • Velcro loop on sleeves
  • Availability in multiple colors

About Anifa

Founded last year, Anifa is clothing line that aims to revolutionize the fashion sector through the deployment of cutting-edge technology. It was established by Simon Kuong, an experienced businessman originating from Macao. In partnership with Michael Owen, Anifa launched the TechKnit jacket. Michael Owen is a popular figure among football fans, having graced some of the most revered pitches in the world, and donned the jerseys of renowned teams such as Real Madrid and Stoke City.

About GCOX

This is the world’s pioneering crypto trading platform that is exclusively meant for celebrities. It facilitates the tokenization of a luminary’s popularity and creation of individualized cryptocurrency tokens. Its primary goal is to redefine the relationship between stars and their fans.


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