Orch.Network ICO (ORC Token): Blockchain Smart Contract Platform?

Orch network is an engine for privacy-preserving Dapps. It is a zero-knowledge secure multi-computation platform for writing, testing, and deploying mathematically verifiable secure cyber contracts. It allows for the decentralized development of software and real-time decentralized applications that behave exactly as intended.

The platform ensures that there are no runtime errors or intentional bugs that can be exploited to steal funds and corrupt the existing contracts. This is unlike the Ethereum contracts that have a history of repeated hacks and stolen funds.

What Is Orch.Network?

Orch is an engine for the launching of numerous next-generation decentralized applications such as decentralized exchanges (DEX), Saleable decentralized organizations (DAOs), automated hedge funds among many others.

How Orch.Network Blockchain Smart Contract Platform Works

Orch uses the below functional components:

Orch uses Real-time Unforkable blockchain federation and infinitely scalable monetary system referred to as StarCash. Orch eliminates one of the major concerns of blockchain-decentralized systems: tokens potential devaluation due to hostile and unwanted hardforks.

The StarCash technology is made of hundreds of real-time unforkable blockchains. The network can process transactions many times faster than VISA network throughput. With a few thousand P2P users-miners nodes, Orch can process more than 20 million transactions per second and since it will have tens of thousands P2P nodes, Orch Network will be capable of processing billions of transactions per second.

Another building block of Orch is OrchOr-Quantum. This is a safe scalable zero knowledge multi-computation protocol that has an integrated zero-proof decentralized voting and transference of proof zero-knowledge system.

  • DexOs are decentralized exchange protocols that provide ultra-high trading speed for values or cryptocurrencies without the need of centralized parties.
  • Crack Machines are Blockchain VMs that will be used for running Turing incomplete cyber contracts in Crackcity language
  • Runtimer will be the decentralized global program complier and distribution search engine for software libraries, protocols, programs, blockchains, API among other platforms.
  • Vader will be the interface for implementing drive chains into different external blockchains and blockchain free decentralization and centralized networks for seamlessly moving data and values into Orch.
  • Degents or decision agents will be the strong autonomous mobile agents that will act on behalf of blockchain decentralized service to find and map real-world events to facts, conditions or truth value of cyber contracts. Degents will use several machine learning and pattern recognition models. They will have highly ordered, self-learning, and self-planning abilities. Degents can hop from one P2P to another.

Orch.Network Features

The main properties of Orch cyber contracts include:

  • Autonomy, which implies that after the launch of a smart contract the deal initiator, does not have to be part of the process.
  • Decentralization, which implies that the smart contracts are not based on one central server but are distributed by different network points.
  • Auto-sufficiency implies that the contracts will be able to collect money, realize transactions, distribute resources, issue and fund funds to allow for more storage and computation power.
  • Safety of the data, which is possible due to the use of a decentralized system
  • Precision, which means that no mistakes will be made as there, will be no hand-filled forms.

Orch.Network ORC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: ORC
  • Token Sale Date: 06/11/18 – TBD
  • Total Number Of ORC Tokens: 62,000,000,001
  • Total Number Of ORC Tokens For Sale: 25,000,000,000
  • Tokens Exchange Rate: Dynamic (Minimum: 1 ORC = 0.18$)
  • Acceptable Currencies: ETH


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