Ongoing EOSIO exploit allows attacker to gain 30,000 EOS as network freezes

An ongoing exploit on EOSIO is allowing an attacker to win every roll on gambling dApp EOSPlay by paying to fill blocks with their transactions. So far, the attacker gained 30,000 EOS worth over $110,000 while making the network “unusable.”

A clever attacker was able to use REX, an EOS resource exchange for RAM and CPU, to ensure that blocks were filled with their transactions to continuously win on the gambling dApp EOSPlay. This resulted in the EOSIO network “freezing” as thousands of EOS were fed to the attacker’s wallet, as confirmed by another source.

For 300 EOS, worth a little over $1,000, the attacker was able to make away with 30,000 EOS tokens, said Jared Moore to CryptoSlate, an active community member. A look at the on-chain transactions involved confirms the attack.

Transactions showing consecutive wins on EOSPlay

Until there’s a fork or a patch, the exploit can continue to be abused whenever an EOSIO user spends $1,000 or more on REX, Moore stated. 

In contrast with Moore’s statements, Aaron Cox, a software developer and the co-founder of Greymass, claims that the exploit was not an issue with EOSIO or the rental of resources, but a bug in one of EOSPlay’s smart contracts.

“It’s unknown still at this point why they needed to spam the network in order to exploit the contract though,” Cox added.

EOSPlay should be avoided until the exploit is fixed. However, for the rest of the network, Cox asserted that “no ones funds are at risk.”

Information is being added to this story as things unfold.

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