NEM [XEM] partners with Pillar , says ‘sustainable partnership for sustainable products’

Tomer Sofinzon, an entrepreneur at Pillar, and Gary Piercy from NEM Foundation together have posted a video on Twitter, announcing their newly established partnership.

Pillar is a project with technologists, creatives, designers, researchers, and entrepreneurs, with intersecting opinions and vision of a decentralized and secure future. It is headquartered in London with blockchain centers in Mumbai and Vilnius.

In the announcement, Sofinzon mentioned that Pillar is going to work with all the big blockchain platforms and experiment with all decentralized ledger technologies.

Pillar, for this partnership, has been in touch with NEM since the beginning of 2018. Their joint efforts are set to focus mainly in Lithuania. Sofinzon in the video said:

“For the Pillar community, it’s a gauge of seriousness, it’s a gauge of how profound and how deep and how scalable Pillar is gonna be in the future…”

NEM’s Gary Piercy also spoke on the partnership. He mentioned NEM’s scheduled presence at Pillar’s Unconference that is going to take place late in July in Vilnius. The event is going to have architects, members from both the communities, and dev workshops. Both the organizations believe that they are a ‘sustainable partnership that is going to come up with sustainable products.’

Charles Patterson, a Pillar-fan, commented on the video:

“I was looking for one more good reason to purchase NEM – and to my surprise it is a collective endeavor with my favorite platform for integration into the new economy – PILLAR! 🙂 This will velocitize our path into this new space and make way for a quicker, more efficient and effective ‘network effect…’”

Another follower, Tobias Hanselmann commented:

“Does it mean, that plr is gonna use a similar technology, when leaving erc20? With same scaling and same fees? Pls explain. Thanks in advance!”

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