NEM [XEM] instant payments accelerated in Australia by Living room of Satoshi

NEM [XEM] announced its tie-up with ‘Living room of Satoshi’. This makes bill payments instant and easy in Australia for XEM users. NEM has lately been settling up meetups and launching news-groups in different countries, as the coin has been working on its promotional activities. Over the past few days, NEM has been involved in few tie-ups with exchange platforms and new collaborations.

On 10th July, NEM’s official account tweeted:

“Pay any #Australian bill and pay it with #NEM $XEM. Instantly. Thanks to @roomofsatoshi!”

Sanmeem, a Twitter user commented:

“Now this is a powerful statement #NEM $nem #fintech #payments #blockchain.”

Living Room of Satoshi [LRoS] allows its users to instantly pay bills, credit cards and operate bank accounts using cryptocurrencies. It is also considered to be one of the easiest ways to convert cryptocurrencies to AUD at fair rates while simultaneously earning some reward points.

The platform charges no fees of any kind. Living Room of Satoshi makes revenue from the spread of currencies instead of charging fees. A user’s cryptocurrencies are converted to AUD at current market rates, based on the average of large Australian cryptocurrency exchanges.

Along with NEM’s XEM, Living Room of Satoshi also accepts Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], Dash [DASH], Monero [XMR], Ethereum Classic [ETC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and more.

This integration of NEM and Living Room of Satoshi will make it easier for XEM users in Australia to make payments.

Recently on July 2nd, NEM released a new wallet called the Raccoon Wallet. It is ‘user-friendly’ and has a nice ‘user-interface’. The creators of the Raccoon wallet have focused on a digital wallet that can be used as a “tool” in day-to-day affairs.

Some of the popular NEM wallets are NEM NanoWallet and NEM MobileWallet. The wallets are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems which permits the users to send XEM, mosaics and messages to any address.

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