Kuende Tokens (KUE) & Kuende Points (KP) Launch Blockchain Social Media ICO

Kuende is popularly known for its role as a hybrid social media platform, incorporating real challenges with gaming competitions. They have managed to reach $2.6 million in investments within the last three years along, and it has a 4.8-star rating with Google Play. In a recent decision to expand, Kuende has pushed itself into the crypto world with a public token sale.

The sale for Kuende will be available to investors no sooner than August 1st, where they will be able to purchase tokens (KUE) and points (Kp) for the challenges. This new addition to the ecosystem helps Kuende to provide incentives for winners, drawing more users into their platform. The company plans to work on their whitelist through the month of July, finishing before the 31st. However, like many ICOs, this will be the only opportunity to directly purchase the tokens.

These KUE tokens will be build on the Ethereum blockchain. Right now, there are developers involved that believe that cryptocurrency will change and help the functioning of social media, despite the fact that many of those websites have banned crypto.

In a statement from CEO and founder of Kuende, Pavel Antohe, he said, “We’re extremely excited about the upcoming public sale of our Kuende Token. It will not only help fund development of Kuende’s platform, but it will also serve as the foundation of our gamification-based social media platform. If you want to be part of something that revolutionizes how people interact offline and online, I highly encourage that you participate in our sale!

The only way to be a creator or participant on the Kuende platform will be with KUE tokens. Token holders can create challenges, vote on challenge, and even reassign their own tokens to other enters. Everything involves incentives and rewards to participate, encouraging more social interaction than the current way that these platforms presently function.

The exchange rate will be 1 ETH to every 50,000 KUE, which means that each KUE will be worth approximately $0.01 USD. Visit ico.kuende.com to learn more about this opportunity.


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