Hyperledger announces 11 new members, expands blockchain adoption

Today, June 27th, Hyperledger announced on Twitter its 11 newest members into the collaboration. Hyperledger, an open-source, is a joint effort of many global businesses with a purpose to advance cross-industry blockchains. The members range from Europe and USA to Asia, with a recent addition of China on the block.

The membership base of Hyperledger originates from various sectors – finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and technology. Hyperledger includes blockchain and distributed ledger technologies from 10 different businesses.

China particularly is emerging as a major propellor in both innovation and adoption of Hyperledger. 20% of the membership base of Hyperledger comes from China. The region also provides for 10% of the overall contributors. Hyperledger is evolving as a multi-project and stakeholder effort in the global picture.

The Executive Director of Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf, says:

“We have members of all sizes from close to 30 countries that are transforming healthcare, financial services, supply chain management, digital identity management and other online and cloud-based businesses and services. Of late, it’s been exciting to see the rush of innovation in China and other Asian countries, where we have a large and growing base.”

The primary aim of Hyperledger is to assist organizations in building concrete platforms, hardware systems, and APIs that are specific to their respective industries. This will give individual businesses a customized transaction support, according to their unique requirements.

Hyperledger achieves these goals through enterprise-grade, open-source distributed ledger framework, and code bases.

Some of the latest members in the Hyperledger effort are Kyra Solutions, NuCYber, Optherium Labs, Lenovo, Shenzhen Co., Beike Finance, Ultrachain Technologies, Circulor, among several others.

Dr. Yong Rui, CTO and Senior VP of Lenovo said:

“Along with other members, Lenovo will help drive the development of Hyperledger as well as blockchain technologies and to build a global blockchain ecosystem so that this technology can benefit customers and the industry.”

With mainstream companies like Lenovo walking towards the adoption, innovation, and development of blockchain technology, it is a visible possibility that this groundbreaking technology will soon be utilized on an even greater level.

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