How it works

General Guidelines
Thanks so much for your interest in contributing to AltNews! We’re always on the lookout for fresh, new perspectives on our blog. This is a great opportunity for you to gain valuable experience and get your content out there!

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What We Don’t Accept

Posts that have already been published elsewhere.
Content that promotes a particular product or service. We always want to be authentic!
Posts that are unorganized or have an unclear focus.
Topics we have already covered on the blog. Although, we’re open to putting a new spin on older topics!

Why Us?
Our audience is more engaged and loyal than ever– over 60% of them come back to our site!
Our innovative, creative marketing strategies will ensure that your blog is seen by the right audience.

AltNews is known for high-quality written and visual content!

Remember– your success is our success!

What We Write About

Our blog strikes a fine balance between blockchain, altcoins and highly resourceful tips. If it’s happening in the blogging or branding world, we’re probably covering it. We like to think of our blog as a free, educational resource for bloggers, entrepreneurs, small biz owners, and more!

Why Contribute?
It’s a win-win! We get great content, and you gain exposure! Gain credibility by directing traffic to your article on a professionally published site.


Every month we will pay our top contributers in crypto, how much is depending on the amount of viewers, income, etc.