Exchange leftover euros for Bitcoin or Ethereum at Schiphol airport

Exchange leftover euros for Bitcoin or Ethereum at Schiphol airport

Schiphol airport, the main gateway for Amsterdam announced that they are launching a cryptocurrency ATM that will allow travelers to exchange their euros for bitcoin or Ethereum.

The airport explained in an announcement on Wednesday that the machine is being located in the departures terminal since it will offer travelers an option to convert their remaining euros to the two popular cryptocurrencies when they leave the country.

According to the official blog post released by the airport authorities, this is going to be the first cryptocurrency ATM installed in a European airport. Also, it was stated that the installation is on six-month trial to make sure that the ATM is put through the works before a possible expansion.

The blog post reads, “For now, the Bitcoin ATM at Schiphol is a six-month trial aimed at exploring whether a demand for this service exists among passengers. The Bitcoin ATM, which is located in Arrival Hall 2, is also in the corridor to Departure Halls 1 and 2. Many departing passengers walk by this location. The placement additionally enables us to offer visitors to Schiphol Plaza the opportunity to exchange their euros for Bitcoin.”

ByeleX Data Solutions, Amsterdam based technology firm installed the ATM. The firm recently opened a cryptocurrency ATM division to deal with the installation of cryptocurrency ATM.

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ByeleX Director, Herman Vissia, gave a positive statement regarding the ATM to the airport, stating,

“We are excited that Schiphol is willing to join us in exploring ways to introduce passengers to the new cryptoreality.”

But some are feeling skeptical about the venture, but Tanja Dak, a representative from the airport, said,

“With the Bitcoin ATM, we hope to provide a useful service to passengers by allowing them to easily exchange ‘local’ euros for the ‘global’ cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. That can be beneficial if, for instance, it’s not possible to spend euros in their home country.”
The Schiphol airport team hopes that this initiative will move towards accepting cryptocurrencies will be well received by customers. Being one of the largest international airports with 68 million travelers a year will encourage millions of travelers to be aware of the growing industry and motivate other international airports to employ new initiatives related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.
It was last month Australia’s Brisbane airport also announced its plan to initiative for crypto payment option for consumers shopping at retail outlets across the terminal.

Image via Schiphol airport

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