Egypt CryptoCoin ICO (EGY Token): Legit Cryptocurrency Project?

What Is Egypt CryptoCoin?

The new EGYPT token is an impressive gold-backed decentralized payment network that is so much more than a coin; rather it is a vibrant community. The vision of this project is to establish a universal group of vital services that are only available for its coin owners.

The marketplace will feature a wide range of services that include medical care, restaurant and hotel deals, flights and vacation offers, and luxury cars among many others. All these services are going to be custom made for the ultimate comfort of EGYPT coin holders.

This open-source blockchain is based on the Ethereum protocol, and it is designed to function without any banks or central authority. The dispute resolution and trade audits will be centralized at the start, while the ICO listing and marketplace will be decentralized. Also, the EGYPT marketplace will offer multi-purpose support for different services from ICO listings to online shopping by using its EGY Tokens.

Egypt CryptoCoin Cryptocurrency Project Benefits

Improved Transparency

EGY is an Ethereum coin, and it delivers the full transparency across all transactions, which leads to higher outputs due to increased trust.

Gold Backed Token

EGY represents the first token gold backed token, thus, guaranteeing its value and helping to guard against crypto volatility. This feature makes EGY a stable token that most vendors would not have any difficulty accepting.

Faster Transaction Times

The ability to make EGY transactions at a more rapid pace due to its decentralized nature will increase user confidence in the platform.

Diverse EGY Marketplace

The Pyramids Gate is the integrated market within this system that will offer multiple products for clients, that range from new ICO listings to general online shopping. Vendors will get access to user data, mainly relating to buying trends, to enable them to offer optimized services without the loss of any confidential data of token holders.

Robust Token Economy

Since the EGY will be utilized within the entire ecosystem to pay for everything from travel and tours to marketplace transactions to medical insurance among others, it will create a high demand for the token.

Egypt CryptoCoin EGY Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name and Symbol: EGYPT (EGY)
  • Exchange rate: 1 EGY = 0.1 $
  • Total token supply: 1 billion EGY
  • Total public supply: 650 million EGY
  • Accepted wallets: Kcash, Trust, Coinomi, and Eidoo

Token Distribution

  • Legal costs: 5,000,000 EGY
  • Public Relations: 5,000,000 EGY
  • Bonus: 5,000,000 EGY
  • Airdrops: 5,000,000 EGY
  • Reserve token: 9,000,000 EGY
  • Office administrative costs: 10,000,000 EGY
  • Exchange and partnerships: 10,000,000 EGY
  • Bounty: 10,000,000 EGY
  • Development: 40,000,000 EGY
  • Founding partners: 250,000,000 EGY


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