Cardano’s [ADA] listing on CoinRoom upsurges its liquidity

Cardano’s [ADA] listing on CoinRoom upsurges its liquidity

Cardano [ADA] makes crypto news by getting enlisted on the popular Korean cryptocurrency exchange, CoinRoom. This virtual currency is listed on the digital platform along with the option of trading pair, Korean Won. Previously, BCFocus has reported about Cardano [ADA] joining the tradeable curriencies list on eToro.

This instance is, indeed, the first time when Korean Won and Cardano [ADA] crypto coin have come together as a trading pair. The enlisting of this trading pair on the Korean crypto exchange, CoinRoom is a milestone, in itself.   The current scenario in the crypto market suggests a bounce back with Bitcoin price increasing. After a period of gloom, the valuation of Bitcoin [BTC] is currently hovering around $6600. With this, the price of Cardano [ADA] coin has experienced a significant upsurge by 15% in 24 hours duration.

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The addition of Cardano [ADA] on the Korean digital exchange is advantageous since it can trade against Korean Won. Upside Inc. is responsible to operate this Korean crypto exchange, however, the former functions under MetapsPlus.

MetapsPlus is a renowned firm dealing with cryptocurrency. The underlying principle of the Korean firm is about the unification of the cryptocurrencies and financial market. It has only been a year that the firm is established. Surprisingly, in such a short span, it supports the first two cryptocurrencies as per market capitalisation.  

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EMURGO is equally playing a substantial role to make things possible for Cardano [ADA]. EMURGO is a registered company based in Japan which provides assistance to bring together businesses and the blockchain platform of Cardano [ADA]. The listing of Cardano [ADA] on the digital asset exchange, CoinRoom is successfully carried out by EMURGO. This initiative is expected to bring about a major transformation in the valuation of Cardano [ADA]. The change is expected to happen in the upcoming times due to the liquidity aspect.

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano creator

The Cardano [ADA] creator, Charles Hoskinson has been hopeful about the future of cryptocurrencies. Hoskinson, IOHK CEO on the payment system has commented, “And because all the payment systems are now programmable, thanks to you guys and many others, the merchant gets paid whatever the hell the merchant wants to get paid, now. So I can walk over to Starbucks, and I can have my house tokenized, and I can sell it. There’s a market maker that lives in between that, and I sell one-millionth of my home and I can buy that cup of coffee, somebody bought that from me and the merchant gets paid in dollars or pounds.

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